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Oil seal special rubber ring

basic information
Product Description

Installation guide

1. Clean the installation groove before installation, grease or coat the rubber seal shaft and seal

2. The sharp edge transition must be chamfered or rounded, otherwise it should be covered

3. When pressing the seal, pay attention to the seal not to twist

4. Pressing force must be applied as close as possible to the outer circumference of the seal

5. The seal must be concentric after installation and at right angles to the shaft

6. The end face of the mounting hole is usually used as a contact surface; the seal can also be fixed with a shoulder or spacer washer.


Product advantages

1). Good surface gloss

2). Excellent resilience

3). Excellent sealing effect

4). Excellent weather resistance

5). Material stability is good

6). Customizable non-standard models

7). Complete model, standing stock

8) Mature technology and stable quality

9). The international CNAS laboratory has domestic advanced rubber and lining performance testing equipment and instruments. Testing capabilities cover relevant national and industry standards and US ASTM standards, green

10). Meeting the needs of sustainable development

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