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Product Description

Main use of oil seal

Sealed cars for engine crankshafts and camshafts, sealed forklifts for transmission systems such as motorcycles and commercial vehicles (such as gearboxes, hubs, axles, differentials), agricultural machinery and engineering machinery transmission systems for excavators Sealing of sealed hydraulic components (pumps, motors) for industrial gearboxes Sealing of daily mechanical washing machines is widely used in mechanical engineering and equipment processing industries.


Main features of the oil seal

The outer part of the oil seal is cylindrical to ensure a static seal to the cavity - the outer edge of the rubber with a metal skeleton is included; the outer edge of the exposed metal skeleton is mostly polished and plated with an anti-corrosion coating. The spring-loaded sealing lip guarantees the dynamic and static sealing of the shaft. As a result of long-term development research, the sealing lip structure of the oil seal is improved to excellent performance, thereby improving the sealing reliability in a wider load range, adding a dust lip, or a plurality of dust lips in special cases. It can prevent external pollutants and dust from invading the oil seal. The applicable sealing medium is generally mineral lubricating oil, grease and synthetic lubricating oil, grease. It can also seal DIN51524 hydraulic oil used in industrial production.

VDMA24317 and VDMA24320 high flame retardant hydraulic oil, silicone oil with low lubricating properties. In special cases, it is also possible to seal corrosive media such as acids, bases and organic solvents with low lubricity.

Generally, the oil seal of the fluororubber material is better in corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance than the NBR material. In the case of no lubrication, pure drying and multi-media, it is recommended to use an oil seal made of PTFE sealing lip, and the sealing lip has sufficient sealing lip. Lubrication ability, greatly reducing the wear of the lip. A single oil seal should not seal two different media. A large number of chemicals increase the influence on the performance of the oil seal material. The compatibility of the oil seal to the seal medium should be determined by laboratory tests.

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