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Company Profile

  Shower Co. is a globally operating supplier of rubber lining products for chemical anticorrosion industry with a broad product range, tailored to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications: in steel manufacture、non-ferrous metallurgy、 phosphate、titanium dioxide、 chlor-alkali 、nuclear power、coal power desulfuration、pharmacy 、shipping 、environmental protection、sea-water desalination and many other industries. Resistance to high temperature、chemical corrosion、abrasion and easy to processing rubber sheet applying、energy conservation、reliable to using and aggressive environmental influences are just a few of the excellent properties which make our products so attractive to our international customers.
  Shower Co. is one of drafter of GB China national standard 《rubber lining》 、《Code for anticorrosive engineering construction of industrial equipment and pipeline》and《chemical anticorrosion training brochure for anticorrosion operator》. Base on the practice and technology obtain anticorrosion certificate rank No.1 of anticorrosive engineering construction.